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Git hosting

Since I’ve found my github repository instead of my project in google I started to search free git hosting which would allow to hide my projects from google crawl. And I wondered when I found a lot of satisfied for me services. One of them I will describe in this article it is bitbucket.


Bitbucket is the both mercurial and git hosting with unlimited number of private projects and unlimited disk space per account! This system has written by Alassian company (JIRA and Confluence founder). Go to their site and check it out.


BitBucket pricing

It can be expired screenshot. To know actual pricing please, follow bitbucket site.

As you see for free account you have constrain - maximum 5 users with write access to your project. 5 members for one team are very big number. If this plan won’t be enough you can buy the next plan with 10 collabarators for 10$ per month. Compare with github price - 24$ per month for 10 collabarators and 20 projects, but here you have unlimit number of private projects and unlimit disk space. It is very cheap and tempting offer!

Sign up

It is very easy to sign up here. OpenID is available through services:

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • AOL
  • OpenID
  • MyOpenID
  • LiveJournal
  • Flickr
  • WordPress
  • VeriSign
  • ClaimID

After sign up you are able to create repository.

Migrate from github

It is very easy to create git repository here. You have 2 choices: create project from scratch like you do it on github or import existing repository from github, Google code, Mercurial, SourceForge or Subversion. I preffered import my source code from github:

  1. Type url for your public repo. If you want to migrate private repo you should check Requires authorization checkbox and fill in username and password for your github account
  2. Type repository name which will be used by bitbucket. You are also able to check if this repo will be private or public. Select VCS: git ot mercurial
  3. You are able also check issues tracking and Wiki pages
  4. Select then main programming language for your repository. Also you can write description and set website url

And that’s it! Press Import button, wait while bitbucket fetch code from github. Nice feature - you can migrate your existing source code from github in several minutes. Don’t forget to add your ssh key for bitbucket account if you want to commit in the migrated repository.


Theare many another similiar services:

But they have a more constrains or bigger price. So my choice is bitbucket!

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