What is Ruby on Rails good for

What is Ruby on Rails good for

Ruby on Rails, also known as Rails, is a web application framework that is primarily used for building web applications. It is written in the Ruby programming language and is designed to make programming web applications easier by making assumptions about what developers need to get started.

Rails is good for a variety of web development tasks, some of which include:

  • Building custom web-based applications: Rails can be used to build a wide variety of custom web-based applications, such as inventory management systems, accounting systems, and content management systems.
  • E-commerce: Rails can be used to develop e-commerce platforms to sell products or services online.
  • Content management systems: Rails can be used to create content management systems that allow users to easily update and manage a company’s website.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems: Rails can be used to build CRM systems to manage interactions with clients and customers.
  • API development: Rails can be used to build RESTful (or GraphQL) APIs for integrating with other systems and services.

Rails is also known for its ability to quickly and easily scale as a business grows. Additionally, the Ruby language and Rails framework have a large, active community, meaning that there is a wealth of resources and support available to developers.

In summary, Ruby on Rails is a good choice for web application development, and it is particularly well-suited for building custom web-based applications, e-commerce platforms, content management systems, CRM systems and API development. Additionally, the framework’s ability to scale and the large community of developers make it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes.

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