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WideFix Is Leaving The Quite The Impression on The Web Development Industry

When people talk about web development, the topic is often websites. But the industry is so much wider than that and can be applied to so many more industries. Our services are a great example for this. We focus on making billing easier by building online payment solutions for companies.

After almost eight years of doing this, we still get some surprised remarks that a) we can build a bespoke payment system just for them, and b) we’re included in the web development industry. Our goals now are to use our services can improve our client’s operations and spread the word about the little known possibilities of this industry.

The first goal we have a pretty good handle on. Our team is among the best in the business when it comes to technical skill and versatility. But we need a little help on the second one which is why we’re quite happy to have a presence on the B2B platform Clutch.

They’re a platform that published reviews on our work like this.

Clutch Review

This particular review was provided by a telecommunications firm that we helped integrate a billing system for in the cloud. This was a fairly straightforward project for our team and we were able to flex our capabilities.

Those interested in getting more details on the engagement can read the full review on our Clutch profile. But the effect of this particular review extends beyond the five-star score. Thanks to the positive feedback we were given, Clutch included us in their list of top web developers in Easter Europe.

This is a great milestone for our team because it helps us in so many ways. Not only does this make us easier to find for prospective clients, it quickly establishes us as experts people can trust with their projects. Our team won’t take this opportunity for granted and will work to continue being worthy of the praise being heaped on us.

If all this sounds like something you’re interested in having for your own operations, you can start learning more about our team by visiting our website. If you have any questions about how we can apply these services to your business’ benefit, don’t hesitate sending us an email or giving us a call. We’re more than happy to talk to people about what we do and the impact it can have.

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